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GREENWOOD KING 3201 KIRBY DRIVE / 1616 S. VOSS RD., SUITE 900 / 1801 HEIGHTS BLVD. HOUSTON, TEXAS a p l a c e t o f i n d y o u r h o m e Vanderbilt West University, $4.6+ mil. Cathy Blum, 713.320.9050 Pine Valley River Oaks, $2.8+ mil. Colleen Sherlock, 713.858.6699 Del Monte River Oaks, $2.7+ mil. Mary Hale McLean, 713.553.4255 Aberdeen Way Braes Heights, $2.4+ mil. Jan Yardley, 713.882.1885 Long Timbers Hunters Creek, $2.3+ mil. Sharon Ballas, 713.822.3895 Sheridan Rice/Museum District, $2.2+ mil. Amy Johnson, 832.541.4805 Berthea Rice/Museum District, $2.1+ mil. Tim Surratt, 713.320.5881 Bissonnet Rice/Museum District, $1.3+ mil. Heidi Dugan, 713.725.9239 Nicholson Heights, $1.1+ mil. Caroline Schlemmer, 713.446.2716 Harvard Heights, $730s Amanda Anhorn, 713.256.5123 E. Mystic Meadow Medical Center Area, $520s Nancy Younger Kruka, 713.857.5299 Roseland Montrose, $510s Meg Greenwood Rife, 832.578.2594 4 CAR GARAGE 20,000 SQ. FT. LOT

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