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Cardiovascular care at UTMB. It's about getting your life back. John has always enjoyed fishing with the guys and dancing with his wife. After having coronary bypass surgery at age 42, he got back to his life. But this year, 17 years later, he knew something wasn't right. Tests confirmed John's suspicions. Because he'd already had a bypass, the only option appeared to be getting on a heart pump and waiting for a transplant. Then the cardiovascular team at UTMB Health took another look and saw another way. They recommended an aggressive bypass graft procedure. It was a high risk procedure given John's history, but it offered a greater chance of getting his full life back. And he trusted the UTMB team. John benefited from a team of skilled specialists, subspecialists, surgeons, nurses, and technicians. These gifted clinicians teach others their art, using the latest equipment, technology and techniques. Today John is back on his boat and before long he'll be back doing the cha-cha. Cardiovascular care at UTMB is comprehensive and state of the art, from heart rhythm studies to bypass to transplants to cardiac rehab. We're also close by, which makes visiting easy and appointments convenient. And we're accessible 24/7 through our nurse-staffed Access Center. If your heart is holding you back, do what John did. Take charge of your health and call us at 800-917-8906, or go to to work wonders for you. THE UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS MEDICAL BRANCH Member, Texas Medical Center Left: Ghannam Al-Dossari, MD, MS Chief, Section of Cardiovascular Surgery Director, Heart Transplant Center Left: Michael Silva, Jr., MD, FACS Chief, Division of Vascular Surgery and Endovascular Therapy Center Right: Shreyas Modi, MD, FACC Director, Heart Station, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Inpatient Services and CCU Right: George Carayannopoulos, MD Director, Heart Rhythm Center The four clinicians featured here are representative of the whole team of specialists spanning our cardiovascular services.

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